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My selection for corporate use is a range to cover both modern and traditional environments and of course never forgetting that special occasion when the display must be larger than life and make that all important statement.

Quintessentially English or pure far eastern sophistication, exotic and stunning to the eye

Our environmental commitment

We are increasingly aware that our customers want to know the environmental and social impacts of the products that they buy from us. To respond to your enquiries we have been trying to assess the carbon footprint of our products and to evaluate it against the impact of fresh flower arrangements.

The term "carbon footprint" refers to the amount of carbon (C02) that is generated as a result of activities, products and our lifestyle choices. C02 is produced from many sources and is the primary gas responsible for Global warming and the resulting alarming changes in our climate.

It is difficult and costly to accurately calculate the carbon footprint of each product line that we stock, but we have started to ask our suppliers to provide us with information about their manufacturing and transport processes so that we can confidently provide you with the assurance that our products are a more environmental and socially responsible option than fresh flower arrangements.

In Europe, many of our fresh flowers are imported, and those that are grown commercially in the UK often require energy intensive growing conditions. Regardless of where they originate all fresh flowers are hauled in temperature-controlled trucks and locked up overnight in cold boxes before making their journey to the local florist. According to, which tries to limit the environmental impact of fresh floral purchases, supplying the 100 million fresh roses ordered for a typical Valentine's Day alone produces 9,900 tons of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions, and that doesn't take into consideration the carbon emissions associated with disposing of the flowers once they have died.

By contrast, our flower arrangements do not require any special considerations when they are shipped and, as they last forever and can be recycled into new arrangements, they have a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, we do everything we can in our shop to avoid disposal of any associated packaging to landfill, and we are offsetting the airmiles associated with all our products as part of our commitment to reduce the harmful impacts of our business model on the environment.

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Interior Designers

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